About Us

We Daily-Fresh had a vision of bringing a phenomenal idea in fruits and vegetable industry.  Being in the heart of city Chennai we found still many people require to travel a lot to get their daily needs or ordering from different websites by paying more shipping charges.  Now a days their are lot of community apartments than individual house,  though they have lot of amenities still many doesn't have proper hygiene and good quality vegetable, fruits and groceries shop in the apartment which is a everyday need of the people who lives inside the apartment. Here we got an impressive idea of fulfilling their needs by keeping vegetable shop inside the apartment in container which is space convenient also people can access it very easily.  People can order through one call or order via WhatsApp and it will be delivered in just a minute to their doorsteps.
This is our vision to fulfil our customer needs by these vegetable containers. In future definitely we get lot of outcomes from the customer satisfying stories.  We look forward to work with many community apartments and upgrade our self and modify as per their requirements.